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C.H.I.E.F Women’s Health

C.H.I.E.F is committed to the promotion of Safe-motherhood initiative through women’s Health, Welfare, Capacity Building and gender mainstreaming programmes. Women are Involved in reproductive/health planning through our Antenatal / Family planning services and also are educated on health issues and Empowering programmes such as:

  • Antenatal Care
  • Promotion of Adequate Nutrition
  • Immunization
  • Family Planning Counselling
  • STI /HIV &AIDS program
  • Adult female literacy classes
  • Co-operative, thrift and loan society.

Child Health Development

Our Child Health Clinic is based on the principle of Primary Health Care were Mothers walk in at convenient time to receive preventive and curative care for their Children. The C.H.I.E.F PHC is adopting the GOBI Initiative – That is Growth Monitoring, Oral Rehydration Therapy, Baby Friendly Hospital Initiative [Exclusive Breastfeeding] and Immunization. Since C.H.I.E.F started the PHC Programme, No Death of any Child has been recorded because prompt referrals are made when necessary.

Child Health Services

  • Growth Monitoring
  • Oral Rehydration Therapy
  • Breast feeding Promotion /Nutrition education
  • Immunization

CHIEF Community Health and AIDS Programs

CHIEF has wealth of experience in grassroots STI/HIV/AIDS prevention. CHIEF had received grants and partnered with the following donor agencies:

  • Lagos State/UNDP (2001-2002) – Under the integrated rural health development short- term project.  The project covered five LGAs of Lagos State.
  • Van-leer container PLC (2001) – Short- term workplace prevention project for member of staff, and their children (youth age ranged 10-30 years) .
  • Lagos State AIDS Control Agency (LSACA) (2001-2002) – Short-term AIDS campaign rallies and football match under the APIN and UNICEF supported programs.
  • USAID/Family Health International (FHI) Nigeria (2001-2003) funded AIDS prevention project among the youth-out-of-school project. The project covered t Ojo, Ajeromi-Ifelodun and Lagos-Mainland LGAs of Lagos State.
  • National AIDS Control Agency (NACA) (2004-2005) – The current program scaling up of AIDS prevention program among the highly disadvantaged women and you-out-of-school, covers two neighbouring states, Lagos and Ogun, Eti-Osa, Ibeju-Lekki and Sagamu.
  • Lagos-State AIDS Control Agency (LSACA) (2005) The funded STI/HIV/AIDS prevention is a scale up project among the out-of-school-youth in five divisions (IBILE) of Lagos State
  • The Centre for Development of Population Activities (CEDPA) (2005-2007) funded Safe-motherhood project (Promotion of birth preparedness and emergency obstetric care
  • Family Health International GHAIN funded project (2004-2006) The project is a scale up of STI/HIV/AIDS prevention project among out-of-school-youth in seven LGAs of Lagos State

Built Capacity of CHIEF Project Management Team (PMT)   

CHIEF Project Management Team (PMT) received capacity building in the following areas:

  • Non-governmental organisation management
  • Accounting / Financial management
  • Communication process
  • Peer Educators/Counsellors TOT
  • BCC design, field -testing and production
  • Leadership training in Safe-motherhood,
  • Capacity building for youth organisation
  • Proposal development workshops.
  • Management and coordination of decentralized HIV/AIDS response
  • Workplace AIDS prevention

CHIEF Training Programs

  • Women’s health and capacity building project
  • Training of Peer Educators. CHIEF has trained over two hundred and seventy peer educators.
  • Capacity building for health workers e.g. Community Health workers including TBAs/VHWs

CHIEF Publication Lists

  • Project reports
  • Health FIRST journal
  • Production of BCC materials:

Other Services

  • Resource Centre / consultancy / Research
  • Business Centre
  • Counseling
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