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2012 Executive Summary Report

The 2012 executive summary report for CHIEF  is now available for download. Three short -term projects were successfully implemented, 18 projects activities carried out, 24 capacity building workshops and partnerships meetings attended by Project
Management Team (PMT). Therefore, the following PMT deserves public appreciation; Rasheed Ademuyiwa, Wale Jimoh, Olufunke Adeshina, Tawa Adeyinka ET all.

The executive director was a featured member of the Global Health Workforce Alliance (GHWA) e-platform between November-December 2012, article; Stakeholder’s experience transforming the health systems, this generated positive contributions from GHWA eplatform members and the Webinar participants, indeed was an opportunity for shared experiences, lessons learned on stakeholders transforming the health systems…

View and download the 2012 CHIEF Executive Summary

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